Medal of Our Lady of Good Protection

“My children”, the Holy Virgin continues, “I will say once more to fathers and mothers of families that it would be good to have their children, young and old alike, wear a medal which does not yet exist, but which could be made, not very big, but as you wish. This medal should have these words engraved on it :

“O you, Holy Virgin who crushed the head of the snake, protect our faith and the innocence of our little children”.

The Holy Virgin has this medal on her Heart : it is circular and white. “There is no need, she says, for the medal to be expensive; its efficacy will be all the same”.

“This medal will preserve innocence, at a time which will be so difficult, when corruption will be wide-spread. All Christians could wear one, as a means of defence and a weapon of faith”.

“Before coming to speak here for the first time, I was invoked under the name of ‘Our Lady of Protection’, however, I wanted to add ‘good’ to ‘protection’ because I aim to protect in such a spectacular way that the word ‘good’ seemed to apply more to me and it confers greater honour”.

Ref 2001 - 1 €

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